Our story

Founded in 2021, we established Briefly on the belief that the modern lawyer is asked to do too much. Between marketing, business development, financial planning and more, there are too many priorities in the day and not enough time. By streamlining back-office functions under highly experienced functional leadership trained to deploy proven growth levers, we accelerate our partners growth.

Eliminating the time intensive operational burden empowers the firms we support to take back control, giving them more freedom, time, and resources to provide outstanding client service and achieve their financial goals.

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As a technology lawyer and OGC partner, my focus is on advising my clients, protecting their commercial interests and negotiating deals. I don’t want to spend my time scouting out billing software, chasing invoices, courting new client leads, or marketing my services. With OGC’s amazing “back office” team, who handles all the above (and more!), I am free to focus on what I do best: being an effective general counsel for my clients. Kudos to our back office team for enabling me to perform at my best.

Billie Munro Audia

Partner at Outside GC

Billie Munro Audia
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Our values

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Unwavering Character

We are good people who act with humility and keep our word. We choose the right path, even if it's harder.

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Growth Oriented

We seek to grow the businesses we partner with, creating opportunities for existing
team members.

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Continuous Improvement

We have a bias for action – trying, testing, failing, and improving in our pursuit of excellence.

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We believe diverse teams deliver superior outcomes and are inclusive of people with various backgrounds, genders, races, and opinions.

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Intellectual Honesty

We travel through truth and deliver opinions with respect and care.

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Harmonious Lives

We find fulfillment in both our work and our personal lives because they fuel each other.

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